Bedding & Dormitory

The first and foremost factor in the design and manufacturing of bedding items is comfort. On the other hand, while style and plush design is the requirement for home and hotel bedroom furniture, when it comes to school dormitories and military barracks, strong, light design that makes efficient use of available space in the most important design factors for beds, closets, drawers and seats.

Green Dream Int. is specialized in providing sturdy, stylish and at the same time space?efficient bedding furniture to its customers in the military and public sector. Depending on the taste and requirements of our customers, we select elegant furniture made of wood, or modern designs made from steel or aluminum, all made by nationally recognized manufacturers.

For school dormitories, Green Dream Int. recognizes the fact that every school has a unique environmental character, and the furniture must conform to the overall architectural style and historical background of every particular school. Green Dream Int. provides consultation and design recommendations to its customers in collaboration with its partners in the industry.

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